LCY - Pioneer MK3


  • Two-way bookshelf speakers
  • Special Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) cabinet
  • LCY 1.5" 3rd generation Twin-Ribbon tweeter x1
  • German made 5" sandwich cone bass x1
  • Sensitivity: 88dB (2.83V/M)
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Frequency range: 45Hz~50KHz
  • Crossover point: 2200Hz
  • Dimension: H315 x W205 x D295 mm
  • Weight: 15Kgs/pc


Price: HKD 18,800.00 / Pair

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LCY-Pioneer MK3 bookshelf speaker

The new LCY-Pioneer MK3 bookshelf speaker is made of specially formulated Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) material. It is far more rigid than the wooden speaker and has a low harmonic point. The internal precision design of the reinforcement structure can eliminate the cabinet vibration. The front and rear baffles of the speaker are all processed by aerospace-grade solid aluminum. With precise calculation horn design on the baffle can improved dispersion recess, which facilitate on the sound diffusion and create a super-dimensional feeling.

This speakers has a very unique design. There is a sound adjustment control above the back panel terminals. Users can choose "Reference" or "Musical" according to the equipment and preferences.


LCY-Pioneer MK3 人造石書架喇叭

全新LCY-Pioneer MK3書架喇叭,箱體採用特殊調配的 Acrylic Solid Surface (Corian) 人造石物料製造,遠較ㄧ般木製音箱有更高剛性,自身諧震點亦較低,內部精密設計的加固結構可杜絕箱體震盪帶來的音染,音箱前後障板均採用航天級實芯鋁加工,高低音單元外圍分別有經過精密計算角度的斜面,有利聲音擴散, 營造超強的立體感。

喇叭為五寸二路設計,高音單元使用自家製第三代雙鋁帶高音,新一代鋁震膜及驅動器均經過改良, 既保留鋁帶高音獨有的飄逸通透感,亦加強中高人聲的潤澤質感。低音部份為德國出產的蜂巢三文治盤低音,有非常好的沖擊力和狠勁,低頻快潛兼收放自如,彈跳力十足,不少歐美品牌亦有選用。