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太極MAX - A Perfect Balance


太極 MAX 使用了直徑比原來大 50% 的 Super Grade 5 超精密陶瓷珠,配合頂部碳纖維墊片,更有效以浮動式水平移動化解器材震動,使用太極 MAX 後,高頻延伸通透細緻、泛音豐富、聲音充滿活生感,中頻能量充沛、低頻下潛更深及有彈性。

  • 特大超五級優質陶瓷珠, 近乎絕對的球型:工藝誤差值少於±0.00013mm

  • 新增碳纖維墊片,在選材上亦有考量,在剛硬度和柔韌度參數當中作出平衡,以求達致音響中的平衡之美 - Art of Balance -
  • 46.5mm 的高身設計亦能適用於市面大部份高機腳器材使用
  • 特別為太極MAX設計,配合附送的高級不銹鋼 M8 螺絲或 M6 / M10 變徑螺絲,安裝於音響架或座地喇叭,同樣有出色化震效果,有效將器材潛能徹底發揮


Taichi MAX, which best matches with heavier and bigger hifi equipment. And it can also fit with hifi rack and floor stand speakers as well.
Taichi MAX employed a larger Super Grade 5 ceramic ball which is 50% bigger than the Taichi base's one.
And with the addition of a high-quality Carbon fiber top plate to absorbs the vibration.
Once Taichi MAX is placed with the hifi system, the sound apparently becomes more transparent and delicate with richer harmonics, energetic mid-range and more powerful bass.

  • Super GRADE 5 ceramic ball, Perfect Sphere: ±0.00013mm

  • Carbon Fiber Flat Washer is also highly selected, by using different carbon fiber's parameter to fulfill the best sonic performance
  • Taichi MAX is tall enough ( 46.5mm ) to fit for the heavier HiFi equipment with higher feets.
  • To maximize its functionality, we have specially designed a M6, M8 & M10 high-grade stainless steel interchangable threaded studs to use for floor-stand speaker & Hifi rack


Price : HKD 1480.00 / pc (單只)

            HKD 5630.00 / 4pcs (一套4只)

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太極 Taichi MAX: 

高度 Height : 46.5mm
直徑 Diameter : 53mm
陶瓷珠直徑 Ceramic ball diameter : 14.3mm
最大承重量 Suggest max. loading : 32.5kg / pc (130kg / 4pcs)
重量 Gross weight : 0.8KG /pc

碳纖維墊片 Carbon Fiber Flat Washer :
直徑 Diameter: 44mm
抗拉強度 Tensile Strength: 512 Ksi
拉力模數 Tensile Modulus: 33.4 Msi
拉伸應力 Tensile Strain: 1.26%

隨附的螺柱尺寸 Included threaded studs size:
M8 x 25mm
M8> M10 x 25mm
M8> M6 x 20mm