M74P-6 (紙膜中音)

74mm Paper Dome Midrange 紙膜中音


Features :

  • 74mm paper dome developed together with Dr.Kurt Muller
  • Extremely low moving mass for better transient response and higher efficiency
  • Fully saturated neodymium motor with copper sleeve for low non linear and modulation distortion
  • 2.4mm linear excursion and large vent channel for undistorted low frequency operation
  • No ferrofluid for improved dynamics
  • Textile surround covered by faceplate with moderate horn loading for flat frequency response and wide off-axis response 
  • Single-layer ribbon CCAW voice coil for lower inductance
  • Underhung voice coil wound on titanium former
  • Flexible and lightweight lead wires made in Denmark
  • Thick aluminium powder coated flange
  • Aluminium rear chamber with natural wool damping
  • Gold plated wire terminals
  • Recommended frequency range 400Hz-4.5kHz


Made In Germany 德國製造


Price: HKD 6,980.00 / pair 對

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Specifications :

Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) : 95dB

Nominal Impadance : 6 ohm

Recommended frequency range : 400Hz - 4.5kHz

Resonance frequency [fs] : 400Hz

Nominal power handling RMS : N/A 

Magnet type : Neodymium motor system with copper sleeve

Net weight : 0.68 kg