Connectors 插頭/插座
AX4-1611R (Rhodium-Plated 鍍銠) 4-pins XLR Plug


  • The conductor is made from high- purity copper (Tellurium Copper) with Rhodium plating (no nickel base)
  • Non-coaxial conduction are able to use single point conduction while plug connect to jack
  • Conductor between body isolate by PTFE insulator
  • The cable hole can be adjusted to 8.5mm or 12.5mm through the POM sleeve
  • Hair-line surface treatment show the high quality of design techniques
  • 導體剖溝設計增加表面面積
  • 導體材質使用高純度銅(鍗銅)並採用無鎳電鍍
  • 導體間及本體以PTFE絕緣隔離
  • 最大線徑支持:12.5mm


Price: HKD 400.00 / pc

           (20% off) HKD 320.00

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Contact Pin: Tellurium copper (#C14500 / copper contains over 99%).
Ground Pin: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Insulator: PTFE
Body: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Shell: Brass alloy (#C3604)
Sleeve: POM
Screw: Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Contact pin: Rhodium plating (no nickel base).
Shell ground pin: Rhodium plating (no nickel base).

Insulator: None.
Body: Satin Nickel + Topcoat.
Shell: Satin Nickel + Topcoat.
Plastic Steel: None.
Screw: None.

Electrical Characteristics:
Contact resistance < 1.0 mOhm

Biggest OD: 18.9mm
Total Length: 46.0mm