Spikes / Shoes 避震腳釘/腳座 Speaker Stand 喇叭腳架
UNGNOI - Art of Balance

ungnoi (UN), is a brand of products designed for high-end audio system, which is founded on Hong Kong. As a professional maker of products for audio & video components, ungnoi specializes in the making of hifi racks, speaker stands and tuning devices.
Since vibration affects the performance of audio components, ungnoi has built up extensive know-how in the characteristics of different vibration control devices. With a proper control of vibration is the key to master best sound reproduction, ungnoi has been engaged for years in research of the effects that vibration has on final quality of sound.
Besides, our hifi tuning devices emphasizes on the philosophy of “balance”. Therefore, different high quality materials ( e.g., stainless steel, natural walnut, ceramic balls ) are adopted for different models just to achieve the Art of Balance.
ungnoi products enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Our many years of experience are the concrete proof of our work. Based on these experiences, ungnoi products lead itself to be the brand of choice of audiophiles around the world.

ungnoi 深諳化震之道,并在製造不同特性的避震設備方面積纍了豐富的專業技能。恰當地控制震動是改善音質的關鍵,因此,ungnoi多年來致力於處理震動對音質影響的研究。
所以, ungnoi (因來) 的產品在歐洲,亞洲及中國,亦深受一衆音響發燒友們的喜愛和認同。